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Jim works for NASA Ames as an Systems Engineer in the Exploration Systems Division. He leads several projects to develop embedded hardware for reusable launch vehicles and the next generation crew exploration vehicle. This work involves developing and debugging microcontroller-based data acquisition modules and miniature wireless sensors, including circuit board design, firmware, testing and failure analysis.

Recently, Jim built a novel rocket engine monitoring system. This payload first flew onboard a Garvey Spacecraft Corp. P-8A rocket in Mojave, CA and includes engine/tank pressure transducers and accelerometers. The engine monitoring system is an advanced concept demonstrator for a wireless 802.15.4 databus to replace the standard MIL-STD-1553 spacecraft bus in situations where stage-seperation makes traditional bus architectures difficult.

Jim received a MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford's Center for Integrated Systems, where he held an SRC fellowship . While at Stanford he patented a conductance modulation mechanism for carbon nanotubes under high electric fields.

Jim is passionate about entrepreneurial and engineering initiatives that produce widespread benefit to society. He is involved in NASA student outreach programs, including the amateur robotics program Botball. In his spare time Jim enjoys working on old Porsches and is an accomplished marathon runner (Boston '03, '04 and '06).